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iPhone repair in Norwich at We Solve all,  provide personalised iPhone repair with the understanding of the inconveniences that come with a broken phone.


iPhone repair, Norwich, Norfolk.
iPhone 5 repair.

We are well equipped to deal with both hardware and software malfunctions. Often, iPhone’s tend to develop some technical glitches that are beyond the control of the user. Noticeably, the most common iPhone problems reported include cracked screens, weak batteries, broken charging ports or loose buttons.

Our team of experts will carry out an in-depth diagnosis and fix the phone usually within an hour. Currently, we average a return time of  40 minutes. Even better, you are charged only when services provided are satisfactory and therefore offer value for money.

iPhone screen Replacement and Repair in Norwich.

A broken iPhone screen is as common an occurrence as common cold. Chances are you are either walking around with a broken or cracked screen or know someone who is. According to a poll conducted by mobileinsurance.co.uk, 23% of iPhone owners have damaged their screen in one way or another.

A damaged screen can prevent you from using the most basic utilities of the phone. We replace and repair damaged screens within the same day and get it back to you as good as new. We use only genuine parts from accredited suppliers in London. We also advise you on how to best care for your device in order to avoid further or future damages.

iPhone 6 repair and screen replacement.

iPhone 6 repair, Norwich
iPhone screen repair. We Solve all.

The iPhone 6 has been very impressive with its additional features and sleek appearance. However, it is a fragile piece of technology. We Solve all provides, iPhone 6 repair, Norwich at very competitive prices. If you are thinking of ignoring that cracked screen, chances are you are going to ruin something even greater on your phone soon enough. We understand that warranty claims can be long and tedious and that is why at We Solve all, we get your precious iPhone 6 in working shape within a day to avoid any further inconveniences

mobile phone repair, Norwich.


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Mobile phone repair, Norwich.

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